AST begins to implement the power transmission line Riga CHP-2 – Riga HPP project


On 27 August, the Latvian transmission system operator AS Augstsprieguma tikls (AST) signed a contract with SIA Energoremonts Riga on design and construction works of a 330 kV power transmission line ‘Riga CHP-2 – Riga HPP’. It is expected that 50% of the total project expenses, i.e. EUR 10.5 million will be covered by the Connecting Europe Facility funds.

‘Riga CHP-2 – Riga HPP project is a crucial reinforcement of the internal network of Latvia in order to ensure full functionality of the Estonian-Latvian third interconnection not only under regular, but especially under emergency and repair modes. On a regional scale, this network reinforcement will play a substantial role in increasing the transfer capacity in the Baltic region in the North-South direction. It is necessary to reinforce the Baltic power transmission network for efficient transit flows,’ explains Varis Boks, Chairman of the Board of the Latvian transmission system operator AST.

The 330 kV AC power transmission line between substations Riga CHP-2 and Riga HPP will be 14.5 km long, 5 km of which will consist of a cable. The network reinforcement has to be put into operation by 2020, when the Estonian-Latvian third interconnection is planned to be put into operation.

The project has been included in the ten-year development plan of the Latvian and European power transmission system and, considering its significance, with the decision by the Cabinet of Ministers it was designated an object of national interest.

SIA Energoremonts Riga is a company registered in the Republic of Latvia, successfully operating in the energy and industrial construction industry since 1999.