Quality systems

Since the end of 2002, AST has implemented, certified, maintained and developed the Integrated Management System. Currently, the Integrated Management System is maintained in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 standarts and the company's priorities.

The Integrated Management System in place ensures the efficient operation of AST in accordance with internationally agreed operational mechanisms for quality, occupational health and safety, energy efficiency and environmental management, ensuring the identification and fulfillment of regulatory requirements, facilitating the identification and fulfillment of customer and stakeholder expectations in the company through the prism of risk management and processes. During the process analysis, the most optimal digital solutions are evaluated and digital transformation is implemented. This ensures that the activities of several AST units are managed efficiently, with common mechanisms, measured by common criteria, revised, adjusted where necessary, and updated to ensure continuous improvement.

+Quality Policy
The Company’s Quality Policy is based upon the following core values

The main tasks of the AST according to the Energy Law, Electricity Market Law and Network Codes is to ensure:

  • unified management system operation, development and compatibility with other energy supply systems;
  • the provision of electric power to distribution system operators in accordance with the standard requirements and demand;
  • transmission system safety in accordance with the environmental protection requirements, as well as non-discriminatory terms of use for all users of the transmission system.

AST ensures the provision of non-discriminatory terms of use for all existing and possible users of the transmission system. AST ensures the provision of the existing and possible transmission system users with information on the requirements to access and connect to the electric power transmission system.  AST undertakes to develop communication and cooperation with the client.


AST provides a safe, consistent and high quality electric power transmission system in accordance with all of the technical requirements.  In order to ensure the quality of the service, the head office of the AST certifies that the objectives of the company and the availability of the services is provided by a technology that is constantly improved.


When assessing the safety of the electric power transmission system, the worst-case scenario should be taken into account. AST ensures free access to the evaluation of the safety of the electric power transmission system. AST publishes the rates of the transmission system usage available to everyone.

HR development

In order to provide and maintain high-quality service, AST certifies that the objectives of the company, the integrated management system and access to the services is provided by highly qualified specialists in all levels who are constantly improving their knowledge - lifelong learning principles are applied.

+Workplace Safety Policy

AST takes various steps to prevent any accidents in the workplace and care for the health of the employees, eradicating any violations of internal rules and legislation regarding safety at the workplace, motivating managers and employees to take responsibility for increasing the job quality and customer satisfaction.

Main principles to ensure workplace safety are:
  • follow the labour protection regulations in force in the Republic of Latvia;
  • arrange the working environment, eliminating or reducing any risks caused by the working environment;
  • prevent any causes of working environment risks;
  • adjust the work for the employee, mainly the workplace, tools, work and production methods;
  • give priority to collective labour protection measures in comparison with individual labour protection measures;
  • prevent the effect of the working environment risks on the safety and health of those employees for whom special protection has been determined in accordance with regulatory enactments;
  • instruct and train the employees in the field of labour protection;
  • evaluate the working environment risks according to unified evaluation procedures;
  • manage the internal risks of working environment with the computerised management system;
  • gather the information regarding possible and existing accidents, occupational diseases and analyse it.
+Environmental Protection Policy

The aim of the AST Environmental policy is to constantly improve the AST performance by preventing or reducing the harmful effects on the environment, wisely using the natural resources and implementing the best possible technical methods in all areas of the company.

Main principles to follow regarding environmental protection:
  • organise the work and plan the development in accordance with the principles of sustainable development taking into account the economic and environmental aspects as well as following the legislation regarding environmental protection in force in the Republic of Latvia;
  • identify the possible environmental risks and minimise the negative effect on the environment as much as possible in all areas of the company;
  • implement the best available technical methods, reduce the emission of pollutants into the environment, minimise the impact on climate changes and the amount of waste;
  • improve the environmental performance of all company units and the company in general by encouraging the effective use of resources;
  • evaluate the impact on the environment of each investment project, not allowing any damage to be caused to the environment and the public interests, as well as minimise the possible environmental damage in all stages of building new objects, using them and shutting them down;
  • maintain and improve the environmental management system in accordance with the LVS EN ISO 14001 requirements;
  • care for and support the maintenance of biodiversity, evaluate and control the impact of the company activities on the endangered territories, species and biotopes;
  • ensure the competency of the responsible persons in the field of environmental protection, foster the environmental awareness of the employees at each workplace and inform the employees about the essential environmental aspects of the company activities;
  • honestly inform the society and stakeholders on the activities of the company in the field of environmental protection on a regular basis;
  • carry out the work of the company with responsibility and invite the cooperation partners and society to take responsibility for the environment.
+Energy Management Policy

The aim of AST Energy Efficiency Policy is to constantly improve the energy performance of society by reducing the technical and technological loss, improving the energy performance in all facilities of the company and improving the company’s strategy when purchasing and operating vehicles.

Main principles to follow regarding energy management in the company:
  • implement facility reconstruction and upgrading projects in order to ensure safety of the energy transmission and the required amount by considering possibilities to optimise the technological loss;
  • to replace the old electric transformers and autotransformers in order to ensure safety of the energy transmission and the required amount by considering possibilities to reduce the technical loss;
  • constantly improve the energy performance of the company activities and facilities;
  • keep a register and analyse energy resources in order to develop effective energy performance improvement programmes;
  • when possible, the company implements public procurement, as a result of which the acquired goods and/or services are energy efficient and the energy performance of the company improved.