Guarantees of Origin

DJI_0082_sized.jpgGuarantee of Origin (GO) is an electronic document, that proves the origin of the generated electricity (used energy source and technology). GOs are uniquely identifiable, transferable, and therefore tradable and used (by cancellation) to provide information of supplied energy to the end-consumer. 

The exchange and trading of GOs in Europe is enabled by "Association of Issuing Bodies" (AIB), an association of voluntary Issuing Bodies in Europe which makes it possible to declare to the end-user that the electricity consumed originates from solar panels in Spain or a hydro station in Sweden. For electricity that equals one MWh generated and injected into the grid corresponds to one GO that has an expiration of 12 months after the end of the production period. In Latvia Domain the production period is set to one month.

From 1. December 2020 in accordance with Electricity market law the Latvian transmission system operator – AS "Augstsprieguma tikls" (AST), is authorized to manage GOs in Latvia. AST issues European energy certificate system (EECS) compliant GOs, in accordance with the agreement between AST and European energy certificate system transfer HUB supervisor, for electricity generated from renewable energy sources or high-efficiency cogeneration. The working principles of the Latvian Registry are described in Latvian Domain Protocol.

+ How to receive Guarantees of Origin

Any private or legal person who aims to receive GOs for generated electricity or from other market participants firstly needs to apply for an account in the Registry. In order to become an Account Holder in the Registry, the applicant must submit filled and signed documents:

Electrically signed documents are sent via e-mail to address: [email protected]

Latvia Domain Protocol is binding to all Account Holders according to Standard terms & conditions. A private or legal person can apply to become an Account Holder in the Registry. After successful creation of an account in the Registry Account Holder receives an e-mail with instructions on how to log-in in to the account and receives an SMS with a security certificate code. Account Holders are subjected to fees for maintenance of account and for actions made in the Registry. All fees are listed in sub-section "Fees".

In order to receive GOs for generated electricity, the Account Holder must register the used Production Device in the Registry. To register the following documents must be submitted:

  • Production Device registration form, with submitted information verified by independent accredited Production Auditor;
  • Grid connection and metering scheme of the Production Device;
  • Documentation of auxiliaries of Production Device (if any);
  • Power of attorney signed by owner(s) of the Production Device (in case Account Holder is not the owner or is not the only owner of the Production device).

In the Latvian Registry is possible to register only Production Devices that are located in Latvia and that produce electricity from renewable energy sources or high-efficiency cogeneration. Production Device must be compliant with the legislation in Latvia and requirements of EECS GO. 

After registration of the Production Device, the metering data is automatically maintained and updated in the Registry. When metering data is added, the Account Holder can request the issuance of GOs. In case of issuance of high-efficiency cogeneration GOs, the Account Holder must submit Cogeneration declaration that is approved by Production Auditor. The declared parameters (saved CO2, CO2 emissions and overall primary energy savings) are calculated according to CHP-GO model (created by AIB). Online CHP-GO model is available for Latvian Domain market participants in website: request more info about CHP-GO model please contact Issuing body via e-mail: [email protected].

In case a result of the calculation of Production's device, using fossil energy resources, has not met the criteria for high-efficiency cogeneration, then in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 561 "Noteikumi par elektroenerģijas ražošanu, uzraudzību un cenu noteikšanu, ražojot elektroenerģiju koģenerācijā" Account Holder must submit an approval form.

In case of multi-fuel Production Device GOs must be issued, the Account Holder must submit a multi-fuel declaration that is approved by Production Auditor. 

+ Statistics

Summary of the activity in the Latvia Domain for GOs is published below, more detailed information can be found in the publicly available website of the Registry:


Issued GOs, MWh

Cancelled GOs, MWh

Imported GOs, MWh

Exported GOs, MWh

GO Transfers internally, MWh

Expired GOs, MWh









2 651 574

754 074

235 439

1 951 993

468 825

1 158


3 925 016

744 893

427 348

3 745 121

1 144 532

12 967


4 208 664

416 040

304 739

3 762 309

1 367 100

3 813


Last update:31.08.2023.

+ Residual mix

According to Electricity market law, transmission system operator AST creates and publishes the methodology for calculation of the Residual Mix as well as calculates the Residual Mix in the framework of EECS. The methodology for calculation of the Residual Mix is set by AST following the methodology used in the AIB. The calculation method is based on methodology (Issuance based method) published on AIB webpage, which is also used in most of participating countries. Additional information on European Residual Mix can be found on AIB homepage.

Methodology for calculation of the Residual Mix available here (available only in Latvian).

The Residual Mix and environmental indicators in Latvia are calculated and published for a previous calendar year until 30th of June:


Untracked consumption (%)

Residual Mix

Untracked consumption environmental indicators


RES (%)

FOS (%)

NUC (%)

CO2 emisions, gCO2/kWh

Radioactive waste, mg/kWh








2021 89,0 45,621 47,750 6,629 302,58 0,25
2022 90,8 14,306 69,446 16,248 510,74 0,60

*AST and AIB calculated residual mix can differ due to use of different data sources.

+ Fees

In order to provide service of issuance and transactions for GOs, AST is maintaining a single Registry for GOs. To compensate for expenses that arise from setting up and maintenance of the Registry, service fees are applied. Following requirements in Electricity market law, AST created and published the methodology for setting fees. Fees are being reassessed and recalculated every year for the whole calendar year and published until 10th of January. 

Methodology for setting fees available here (available only in Latvian).

Applied following fees (without VAT):





Fee for issuance of Guarantees of Origin

0.0171 EUR/MWh

0.0159 EUR/MWh

0.0158 EUR/MWh

Fee for cancellation of Guarantees of Origin

0.0171 EUR/MWh

0.0159 EUR/MWh

0.0158 EUR/MWh

Fee for import of Guarantees of Origin

0.0171 EUR/MWh

0.0159 EUR/MWh

0.0158 EUR/MWh

Fee for export of Guarantees of Origin

0.0171 EUR/MWh

0.0159 EUR/MWh

0.0158 EUR/MWh

Fee for transfer of Guarantees of Origin to other accounts in Latvia or Account Holder owned sub-accounts 

A fee is not applied

A fee is not applied

A fee is not applied

In case of questions please contact Issuing body via e-mail