Procurement policy

The purpose of the Procurement Policy of AST is to establish common basic principles on how AST performs the procurement of goods, services or construction works.

+ Principles
  • The purpose of the procurement procedures of AST is to ensure the efficient use of funds by purchasing high-quality goods, services and construction works at the best market price, in conditions of fair competition between tenderers. When assessing purchasing costs, AST performs procurements, as far as possible, in accordance with the principles of “green procurement” and assesses the life-cycle costs of purchases.
  • AST determines procurement evaluation criteria that are objectively comparable and attributable to the required characteristics of the procurement subject.
  • AST promotes maximum competition between market participants by setting qualification requirements for tenderers and the subject of the procurement.
  • AST does not affect the competitive nature of suppliers, does not regulate the positions of market participants and does not promote protectionism.
  • AST promotes uniform procurement evaluation practices. In similar cases in procurement procedures, AST gives a similar assessment.
+ Decision making on procurements
  • Decisions on procurement procedures are made by the Procurement Commission. The members of the Procurement Commission are autonomous in their decisions and subject to the provisions of the law and this policy.
  • Within the framework of their activities, the members of the Procurement Commission increase their professional competence, consult with colleagues, industry experts, experts, doing so in a way that is open and that does not create an unfair impact on decision-making.
  • Influencing of an employee or management body of AST in procurement decisions is illegal. Any employee or management body of AST is required to report in the whistleblowing system or to the competent law enforcement authority on the attempt of impact. AST encourages whistleblowing.
  • Any employee or management body of AST has a duty to suspend itself from the duty of decision-making if there is a conflict of interest or reputational risk.
  • Procurement decisions are examined by the management bodies of AST in accordance with their jurisdiction under the terms of the AST corporate governance documents.
  • The Board of AST does not participate in the work of the Procurement Commissions. The Board of AST exercises general control over the legality of procurement procedures and compliance with the technical needs and financial capacity of AST.
  • The Council of AST performs the general compliance assessment of contracts to be concluded as a result of procurement procedures with regard to the need thereof for the implementation of strategic objectives of AST.
+ Organisation of the procurement process
  • Provision of the procurement process in AST is performed by the Procurement Department.
  • The Procurement Department organises the record keeping of the procurement procedure, convenes meetings of the Procurement Commission, performs general control of legality, follows the uniformity of decisions, informs the Procurement Commission regarding the legal acts regulating the procurement procedure, case law and institutional decision practice.
  • Procurement is initiated and justified by the structural unit of AST, whose activities require the purchase of the goods, services or works in question.
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